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Here we try to answer your questions, and this page will keep growing! If the answer isn’t here, drop me an email and I will get the answer posted. I have decided to play with the new AI bot, ChatGPT. It’s pretty interesting! If the bot’s answer seem worthy I am copying it here. If it is better than my own, I just use it – with attribution of course.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in many cultures around the world. It involves a practitioner, called a shaman, who enters a trance state and communicates with spirits in order to heal, provide guidance, and perform other spiritual tasks. The shaman typically uses a variety of tools and rituals to enter this altered state of consciousness and communicate with the spirit world. The specific practices and beliefs associated with shamanism can vary greatly among different cultures. Some common elements of shamanism include the use of plants and other natural substances to induce altered states of consciousness, the belief in a spirit world that exists alongside the physical world, and the use of rituals and ceremonies to communicate with spirits and connect with the natural world. [source: ChatGPT – My home page has my answer]

What is Shamanic Animal Communication?

Since I was the one who really brought this practice into the current world, my answer should be pretty right on! Shamanic Animal Communication is the art of using the Shamanic Journey to connect Spirit-to Spirit with an animal, and learn from them directly what they feel, what they want, and anything else that is important for us to understand. Shamanic Animal Communication is different from telepathic in that the Shaman ALWAYS connects with their Spirit Guide and the conversation is 3 way – Shaman, Client Animal and Spirit Guide. This allows the Spirit Guide to go deeper, and see what is hidden, what is underlying the answer, and what needs to be done to make the animal healthier happier and and more whole. [source: Carla Meeske].

ChatGPT is offering this answer which is rather generic but not bad! I am thrilled that Shamanic Animal Communication is enough of the thing that ChatGPT is aware of it.
Shamanic animal communication is a practice found in some traditions of shamanism. It involves a shaman entering a trance state and using their spiritual abilities to communicate with animals. This can involve understanding the thoughts and emotions of animals, receiving messages from them, or even taking on the form of an animal in order to gain their perspective. The goal of shamanic animal communication is to establish a deeper connection with the natural world and to gain insights and wisdom from the animal kingdom. It is believed that animals possess their own unique forms of intelligence and knowledge that can be accessed through shamanic practices. [source: ChatGPT]

What are Power Animals, or Spirit Animals?

Our Power Animals (Spirit Animals or Soul Animals) are personal helping Spirits who care for us, protect us, and give us good advice. They are generally spirits of wild animals who have crossed, and who understand the suffering of the world, and the challenges we face. A Power Animal chooses us, and when we reach out to discover them, and to honor them, we create a strong and valuable alliance with the Spirit World. Power Animals are intermediaries between vast and strong universal power, and us incarnates. This is necessary because the Power Animal tempers the power so we are not overloaded. Power Animals are wise, and see the things that are hidden, and can give us advice on everything we ask about. They are really the one ally you have to have to travel in the Spirit World, safely, and with clear purpose and good outcome. [source: Carla Meeske]

ChatGPT has a pretty good generic answer too: Power animals, or spirit animal guides, are spirit beings that are believed to provide guidance, protection, and spiritual power to individuals. In some traditions of shamanism, it is believed that each person has one or more power animals that are connected to them on a spiritual level. These power animals can take many forms, including animals that are commonly associated with shamanism, such as wolves, eagles, and bears, as well as more unusual animals, such as snakes, birds, and insects. The specific power animal(s) a person has is thought to be determined by their unique experiences, traits, and challenges. The power animal is believed to serve as a guide and protector, providing wisdom and spiritual support to the individual. Some people believe that they can communicate with their power animals through meditation, visualization, or other spiritual practices. [source: ChatGPT]

What is Soul Retrieval?

When a person or animal undergoes stress, shock, illness, or other infractions part of the soul may step aside and no longer contribute to the whole. It’s as though they say “enough!” and check out. They soul may move off to another dimension, or they may stay close to the person/animal. There are many possibilities. The results however, is the person or animal is left without their whole energetic power. They may feel only partial present. They may lose memories, or be mentally spacey. They may become ill, without the robustness to recover. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic technique where the Shaman travels through the energetic field of the client to find the places where soul has gone missing, and then through dimensions of SpaceTime to recover those soul parts and bring them home. It is a tender and sacred practice that is part of most every session I offer. [source: Carla Meeske]

Now here is what the bot says:
Soul retrieval is a practice found in some traditions of shamanism. It involves a shaman entering a trance state and traveling to the spirit world to retrieve a part of a person’s soul that has become lost or damaged. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as trauma, illness, or a spiritual crisis. The shaman uses their spiritual abilities to locate the lost part of the soul and bring it back to the person, restoring their sense of wholeness and balance. The goal of soul retrieval is to heal the individual and help them overcome any challenges they may be facing. It is believed that when a person’s soul is fragmented or incomplete, they can experience a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms, and that soul retrieval can help to alleviate these problems and promote healing. [source: ChatGPT]

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