Who is your Power Animal Guide?

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I’m excited to share insights about Power Animals that I have gained over my 30-year journey as a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanism.

Spirit Animals – those guides who join forces with shamanic practitioners to facilitate healing and illuminate the world with compassion, beauty, and light. Who are these compassionate beings? Why do they choose to ally with us? How do we identify our Spirit Animal Guide?

Firstly, whether termed Power Animals, Spirit Animal Guides, or Totems, your Power Animal or Animal Spirit Guide is the spirit of an animal who was alive on Earth and is now on the other side. Typically our guides were wild animals rather than domestic, but there are sometimes a few exceptions. They retain memories of life’s trials and challenges and the exquisite joy of being alive. They remember the beauty of being a sacred spark of unique spirit light, incarnate into physical form. As wild animals, they were woven into the beauty of Earth’s interconnectedness. They understand balance and beauty, and they have compassion for those who are suffering.

These Spirit Animals epitomize harmony, wisdom, and compassion, qualities desperately needed in our world today. As practitioners on the shamanic path, we serve as vessels for these compassionate beings to channel their vision of beauty into the world through us.

So why are certain animals more likely to be our Power Animal Guides? Why is a wolf more common than a vole? There are several possible answers: the relative stance of the animal in the food chain, the historical role of that species as working partners with Shamans, and the animal’s geographical location. The spirits of the land we inhabit reach out to us, forging connections with those who seek their guidance. While our Power Animal may reflect the fauna native to our surroundings, they can transcend geographical boundaries, embodying qualities we need for our personal growth and healing. We are global citizens, and Earth is our Sacred Space.

Let me share an example from my own journey – Bear. Bear embraced me early in my shamanic practice and remains a steadfast ally. When I’m in need, I call upon Bear’s strength and protection, feeling her presence envelop me. As we merge, my hands become her paws, complete with claws! Yet, Bear isn’t just a generic bear; she possesses her own unique personality, guiding me with wisdom, humor, and comfort.

Similarly, I work with Eagle, Turtle, and a host of others, each offering their species’ traits and individual wisdom to aid me on my path.

Common ideas for finding your Animal Spirit Guide

  1. Take a quiz: A YouTube quiz is a way to answer the question What animal would my friends use to describe me? This is fun and maybe enlightening, but it is not likely to tell you who your Animal Spirit Guide is. Your real Guide may be the opposite of you. Helping you fill in gaps and giving you support in areas where you need it the most. The Power Animal comes because they are perfect for helping you with what you need at this time!
  2. Consider your inner qualities: Are you a bold kind of extrovert, or are you more of a behind-the-scenes person? Do you love to swim or do you love to mountain climb like a goat? Introspection is valuable in helping you understand yourself and your personality type. And you may indeed have an Animal Spirit Guide who fits this. But will it be the Power Animal who wishes to partner with you today, to help you in your life, and on your spiritual path? Maybe.
  3. Are there animals you are drawn to? Some people see the owls, or deer, or fox, regularly and just adore them. They collect art and objects with that animal’s image. They love wolves so much, that they feel like they are part of the tribe. In this case it is usually true! There is likely to be an Animal Spirit Guide of that tribe in your Spirit Ally Circle. But will they be the one who takes the lead to help you with what you need at this time?

What is the BEST way to meet your Spirit Animal Guide? Journey and Ask

Take a shamanic journey and cross between the worlds, connect with compassionate spirits, and ask your Power Animal to come forward and meet you, and guide you. At SpiritHealer Circle, we teach you how to do this in our class Sacred Roots. I teach it live regularly, and it’s always available on demand and in sacred roots. You will go through a step-by-step process to cross between the worlds, to enter the world of compassionate spirits, to immerse yourself in a beautiful place in nature, to expand your imagination, to receive even more, and then, of course, to meet your power animal.

Join our circle, embark on this mystical journey, and dance with your power animal as you step onto your shamanic path. I look forward to welcoming you to Spirit Healer Circle, where together, we’ll explore the depths of spiritual connection and healing.

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