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Four Core Steps in Shamanic Healing

Here is my Key to Shamanic healing. The Four Core Steps of Shamanic Healing that I use in my practice every day. Why are they so important in every healing I do, and what magical doorways do they open as we explore shamanism as a spiritual path?

When I studied shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, we learned extraction as a weekend course, with the first day focused on diagnosis, and the second on extraction and transmutation. We learned to ask the Spirits to put healing power into the place of extraction in a very simple form because it takes years to discover the many possible sources of power that the Spirits can impart! I have seen the Spirit Guides follow these same steps in thousands of healing sessions. Micheal Harner coined the term core shamanism to describe (and teach) the similar shamanic practices he studied in cultures across the globe. I do practice core shamanism, and I am an early graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Advanced Training. I also studied directly with Micheal Harner – what a gift that was!

I use the term core here not as Dr. Harner did, but rather to explain the four core steps I personally see, and that I teach in my shamanic practice.

Grandmother Sunflower, my dear Spirit Teacher, has shown me that these steps can be combined into one POOF by the Spirits, working so fast that no human can follow along. They can also be slowed down into micro steps, so that the important information from each detail is shared with the client, and so that we all can be extra sure that the work is strong and complete.

Each of these four Shamanic core shamanic healing steps has become a gateway for me to learn about the underlayment of the nature of the world – philosophy, cosmology, metaphysical truth, “science” even – the workings of the universe. I marvel at the mysteries and the depth of understanding that the Spirits grant us through Shamanic inquiry.

Here they are in overview:

Diagnosis: where you share your concerns and the Spirits assess the energetic aspects of the problems, and formulate a plan to address them in the session. The foundation for Shamanic Studies calls all these intrusions, which is perfect because it suggests that the energy doesn’t belong there, but doesn’t assign negative terms, or pejoratives. Of course some of these intrusions are in fact negative and dark, but actually that is less common than you would think. I personally see intrusions as changes in colors, out of place shapes and forms, symbolic things that evoke the reason they got there (a knife in someones back is usually a residual energy from a relationship issue, for example). Sometimes the Spirit Guides just say there is an issue here or there, and I don’t see a thing!

What magical doorways does diagnosis open? Here are just a few questions we explore in SpiritHealer School:

  • How is it that something gets stuck in us? Why?
  • What is the familial web, and how can we help relationships by resolving blockages/ intrusions in it?
  • Can we create personal intrusions with our habits – not just eating the wrong things, but thinking unhealthy thoughts?

Extraction and Transmutation:┬áThe Spirits find and remove the intrusions, the energetic aspects of the trouble [energy blocks, physical issues, stuck memories, karmic entanglements, etc] and they carefully and powerfully transmute them, which goes a long way to healing the issue. Extraction and transmutation is mysterious, and for me quite ritualized. It is alchemy, ceremony, and magic all in one. The important things are that the intrusions are contained, so they don’t spread, jump or leave, and that when they are transmuted, they are returned to harmony and balance for the client. It is essential the Shaman has a close relationship with their Spirit Guides, because the Spirits handle every aspect of this. The Shaman is a hollow bone conveying the Helping Spirits to the client for their well being and betterment.

The mysteries here are incredibly deep. The law of attraction, Karma, Ancestors, Soul Tribes, Black Holes, or Cosmic origin, the four elements – as a beginning! This subject keeps me fascinated as I have just scratch the surface! Fortunately I do not need to understand the scientific and philosophical truths behind our practice to be effective as a shaman. All I need to do is trust the Spirits and hold a sacred space for you, my client, as the Spirits do the work.

Power Infusion: The third step of shamanic healing, where the Spirits bring strong and beautiful healing power and fill the client with that love. The power many be specific and prescriptive, or more in the universal healing light domain. Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Reiki, Healing Energy infusion from crystals, plants, celestial beings, etc, are some forms of Power Infusion. I personally find that retrieving specific power is important to address the specific nature of the problem, like medicine is specific to the illness. I also find that ceremonies like Limpea (Cosmic Egg) Ceremony, Milky Way Ceremony, Dragon Ceremony, and Four Wolves Ceremony are very helpful in bringing in strong appropriate healing power for a client. The Power Sources coming in that are exactly right for each client, and with each ceremony, things just keep getting better!

What mysteries does Energetic Healing Power Infusion invoke? The biggest mysteries of all! Every single thing we do that involves Power Infusion is all about the big question – how God/Universe/Source/Compassionate Life Force permeates and creates everything. Pursing that truth is my complete life passion.

Ongoing Connection to Wise Spirits: Your success is not left up to you. I connect you to your loving Ancestors, Spirit Guides and/or Spirit Animals who will walk with you, hand in hand to guide your healing on your life path. Learning how to make that connection for yourself is critical. I recommendSpiritHealer School of Shamanism’s Sacred Roots course to show you how in simple steps.

What are the Mysteries around the whole truth that loving Spirits care about us, protect us, teach us and guide us without judgement, and all we have to do is honor them and trust them to get the benefit? That is the mystery. May we learn to carry that heart space in us, so we can be helpful to those in our circle too.

Now that you know what the four core steps of a shamanic healing are, you can appreciate the flow when you get a shamanic session for yourself or an animal! Thanks for reading!

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